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Did you receive your netTrekker personal one-year subscription? If not, please click here for the pdf file. Follow the steps on the certificate to receive your complimentary one-year subscription.

Attendee Directory

Don't forget to add yourself to the Attendee directory page. It is now alphabetized making it easier to find one another.

Ning Group

Have you joined the Keystone Ning. Be sure to join and connect to other Keystones from across the state

Mobi Help

Feel free to contact TJ McKeon at CLIU if you have a problem or question about your mobi or 610-769-4111.


EVENT TAGGING: PLEASE TAG ALL THINGS--blog entries, photos, videos & podcasts KTI09
From Wikipedia
A folksonomy is a user-generated taxonomy used to categorize and retrieve web content such as Web pages, photographs and Web links, using open-ended labels called tags. When posting pictures, reflections, etc. online, tag them with "kti09" so that other people can find them during and after the summit. If you have a flickr account and have images you want to share, please tag these photos kti09 and join the Keystone Flickr Group to add your favorites.
All images will be shared in the Keystone under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0.

Here is a link to all pictures on Flickr from last year;s summit that were tagged KTI2008

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