Facilitators: Keith Cremer, Jessica Clay


  • Introduction
  • Quick Demos of finished products and uses
  • Quick tutorial
    • Uploading media
    • Inserting media, FX, transitions
    • Publishing
  • Kick YouTube
  • Play time
  • Stop-motion videos
  • Q & A

2-minute T-ball video

8th Grade Orientation Video

Sample Video Files for download



Bad Role Model.wmv


Road Raged Grandma.wmv

Sample Audio files

Austin Powers - Oh Behave Yeah Baby Yeah.mp3

Christian Gerhaher - O Fortuna.mp3

Crowd Noise And Applause.mp3

Goodnight from Yankee Stadium.mp3


Queen - Momma.mp3

KEYSTONERS: Embed your videos here. Use "embed widget".

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