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Digital media and simple technology tools can be used to provide students with a variety of ways to learn, explore, and express themselves in the classroom. In this class teachers will learn to plan lessons that use simple technology tools to differentiate all parts of their lesson plans in an effective but manageable way.

1. We will begin by considering varied methods of delivering content to the students with tools such as podcasts, streaming video and animations.
2. Next, we will discuss ways to plan engaging experiences for the students that include the use of the collaborative research using Pageflakes or wikis, online simulations, and Internet games.
3. Finally, we will review a variety of assessment ideas such as a digital photography contest, radio commercials, creating original Power Point visuals, and producing simple podcasts. Participants will see how a wiki can be used to manage their resources and display student work from class to class and from year to year.

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Simulations, Animations, and Tutorials

Simulations are a great way to learn about physical science! Click Here for Simulations.
Tutorials teach you a concept using animations and examples. Click Here of Tutorials.
Animations are models that help us visualize a science concept. Click Here for Animations.
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