Digital Storytelling

Jessica Clay
Dianne Krause

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We have known for years that not all students learn in the same way. Using the variety of Web 2.0 tools shown in this presentation, teachers will learn how to accommodate the various learning styles and abilities of their students. The presentation will give an overview of the process of digital storytelling, incorporating graphic organizers, project ideas, and management tips. I will also provide participants with several resources for finding storytelling Web 2.0 tools, and highlight a few tools such as VoiceThread, Xtranormal, and VuVox. We will then collaboratively create a digital story using one of the tools featured in the presentation. The goal of this presentation is to help teachers understand the value of these tools across curriculum and abilities. Storytelling is not limited to language arts; there are wonderful applications for math and the sciences as well. VoiceThread alone has endless opportunities, from creating a lab write-up, to designing a classroom alphabet book, to individual creative stories. All of these tools have the flexibility to be used as a classroom collaboration project, an individual task in a computer lab, or a small-group experience with just a few computers. They also have the capability to embed a variety of other digital media. In accordance with the Standards Aligned System, the tools used for digital storytelling are an excellent resource for interacting with a number of standards. The tools are a wonderful platform for summarizing and nonlinguistic representations (Marzano, Pickering, and Polock, 2001). Students can now take the content, synthesize it, and produce a digital story using one of these tools which allow them to process it in a meaningful way. They an add audio, pictures, and links. Xtranormal is a unique web 2.0 tool which allows students to animate using an avatar; the old-fashioned paper and pencil book report becomes a thing of the past. The possibilities are almost endless when students are permitted to use their creativity and innovation and take ownership of their learning; this presentation gives you the tools to make it happen.

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