Extreme Google Earth

Jason Heiser
Hank Wajda

Don’t be scared by the title of this session we are going to look at how EXTREMELY USEFUL and EXTREMELY POWERFUL a Google earth tour can be for engaging students... Learn how to turn a basic tour (new or old) into a self-guided, interactive learning experience which can be used to foster higher order and critical thinking, yet lending itself to facilitation rather than presentation. As a side bar I will be emphasizing high tech and low tech classroom applications for using a Google Earth tour. Lastly, participants will begin the process of creating their own tour for use in their classroom using a presenter created outline as a guide in the process.

Date: 7/29

Session Time: 8:10-9:40

Location: DANA 221


In this session, we are going to look at how EXTREMELY USEFUL and EXTREMELY POWERFUL a Google Earth Tour can be for engaging students and promoting
critical thinking. Participants will have the opportunity to use a current tour or create a new one that is self-guided, challenging, and interactive.


Participants will be able to:

1. Create a Google Earth tour (basic and lay ground work for interactive media)
2. Create relevant high tech and low tech examples which promote higher order thinking

Content of Session:

- Links to Marzano
- High tech and low tech applications to Google Earth
- Facilitating a lesson using Google Earth
- Assignment on using Google Earth
- Alternatives to Google Earth if bandwidth is an issue
- Wrap-up


Google Earth Download - site where you can find the latest software for Google Earth.
Jog - Jog for Google Earth/Maps and other related tools.


- Tour put together to give students a mental image for the 5 themes of Geography.
- High tech example of a tour. Use this one to help illustrate and explain Island Hopping.
- Visual Tour created with KML from worldfactbook.org. This one works well in a low tech environment.
- Want to spice things up in your Google Earth Tour. Here is templates from Google for doing just that....
- View the source code for other html options

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