Google Me: Google Aps

Kristin Hokanson
Mark Engle

Create collaborative documents, forms, spreadsheets, and presentations. Share instantly and securely, and work together in real time. Access your work anytime anywhere. Take a trip around the world with google maps and add images with picasa web. Learn how to use Google's powerful tools to connect students to the world of information and one another. In a world where students are always connected google tools can be a powerful way for students to demonstrate cooperative learning, notetaking, generating and testing hypothesis. Samples of use in a variety of subject areas will show how use of the tools can range from a writing assignement where teachers can set goals and provide consistent feedback and use for collaboration to labs where students can generate and test hypothesis all while the teacher can guide the learning.

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SWOT analysis doc
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Source of great how-tos you can download from TeacherTube
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