Integrating Technology...As Easy As ABC!

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A is for Animoto, easy and snazzy video creation B is for Blabberize C is for Classtools E is for EtherPad F is for Foto Flexer & Fliggo G is for Glogster and Google Docs J is for Jing M is for Mash Face P is for Photo Peach and PiZap S is for Smilebox and Story Blender T is for Tikatok and Tux Paint V is for Voice Thread W is for Weebly & Wordle …and the list goes on! Children are capable of and are required to use higher order thinking skills such as applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating (Blooms Revised Taxonomy). Technology can and should be infused with classroom learning to facilitate these thinking skills. There are a plethora of high quality Web 2.0 tools available at no cost that can be easily incorporated into daily classroom activities. Take a look at educationally sound Web 2.0 tools spanning the alphabet! These tools are versatile and can be used across curricular areas and allow for all levels of learners to meet with success.

This session is designed to
  • set the foundation of "why" we need to integrate Web 2.0 applications into instruction
  • provide links to Web 2.0 applications

Amy Musone
Linda Nitsche

Integrating Technology...Easy As ABC!

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