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Where students generate and publish the content and everyone (including the teacher) learns more!
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Students have embraced a new type of education where they search for their own answers, synthesize information from many sources, and publish their own ideas. Learn how wikis, Voice Threads, and Pageflakes can be used to transform a science class into an active learning community.

What is Science 2.0?

Science Skills

Problem Solve
Synthesize Information
Think Critically
Spark Interest

Science 2.0 Groups

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Generating Content

Scientific Communication

Synthesizing Information
Student Project Ideas

Set Up Your Tools

    1. Wiki - for organizing the class and as a repository of the learned content for the day.
      1. Begin by posting the objectives (a student can type)
      2. Add any links, embedded video, or questions to guide the lesson.
      3. Have students add their research, ideas, summaries, or data.
      4. Organize the wiki by marking period or topic.
      5. Student groups like lab groups can each have a separate page on the class wiki.
    2. Voice Thread - for summarizing a lab, creating class projects, or providing instruction.
      1. Begin by uploading a set of pictures from class, a lab, or of pre-made graphics.
      2. Add your own voice or have students talk about the pictures.
      3. Here is your chance to insist on complete, correct sentences. Always encourage the students to provide evidence that supports their ideas.
    3. Page Flakes - for collaborating on research
      1. Only the teacher needs an account.
        1. The teacher is the only one who can edit the bookmarks or write on the page except for the message board where the students can also make contributions.
        2. Create an account name for the class you teach. You may want to give the account password to a student in the future for independent work or to help you organize a lesson.
      2. Begin by preparing a Page Cast that includes the following flakes
        1. Bookmarks Flake - to create a collection of web sites organized by key words
        2. Anything Flake - to give directions or organize ideas
        3. A message board - so that students can report new websites that they find or share ideas as they research
        4. An RSS Feed to an important research site that you want the students to monitor for current news or research.

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