It's Time for Show and Tell

Amy Musone
Mike Baker
Think about the traditional “show and tell” of Pre-K and primary level classrooms. Students can’t wait to bring in something, anything to show the class and tell about it. In this moment, the student has the spotlight to showcase something they have in front of the entire class. Show and tell, however, is not just for primary-aged children and is not just for within the confines of the classroom. All students need to have a moment in the spotlight as well, where they can showcase their academic successes. There are many “Show and Tell” websites that allow students to show what they know using text, pictures, and sound. Learn about Photo Peach (a slideshow presentation tool), Tikatok (an on-line site to write books), & Animoto (a video creation tool). These are three sites that are easy to use, tap into a variety of learning styles, and provide students with a platform to showcase their work. 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8

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