Student Podcast Techniques

Cathy Laguna
Ann Noonen

Students can use the technology available in class to create unique podcasts. Beginning with research and ending with projects published on the school podcast server, students show ingenuity and innovation when given the chance to explore new technologies.

Samples of Student Created Podcasts

Using an iPod to Create Audio Podcasts
An iPod was used to record this student account of a class activity
Using a Digital Camera to Record Video
Using the video feature of the camera
Linking several video clips into one podcast
Using the video feature and then adding an audio voice over
Using a Digital Camera to Record Pictures
Using digital pictures and an ipod with a microphone
Student drawn pictures used to illustrate a podcast
Using a Video Camera to Create Podcasts
Documenting a Class Activity
Incorporating Computer Graphics into a Podcast
Scene titles created using Power Point
Empower Students
Have Students Create an Instructional Video

Creating a Story Podcast

1. Develop your idea:
What are the characters like?
What is the problem?
How do they solve the problem?
How have the characters changed?
2. Write your script.
3. Draw pictures or take digital photos to illustrate your podcast.
4. Record your script using an ipod or a computer.
5. Put the pictures and story together in iMovie or Movie Maker.

Cover It Live


Getting Started with Windows Moviemaker

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