eMission: Space Station Alpha

Facilitators: Keith Cremer, Linda Nitsche

Objectives: Participate in a real-time simulation of a space-station survival rescue. Attendees will identify equipment needed to conduct a videoconference/eMission Attendees will be able to list the different types of available eMissions. Attendees will participate in one of four possible teams that work towards a common goal. Attendees will incorporate math, science, crisis management and teamwork skills. Synopsis: After discussing with attendees my own experience and background with the eMission, they will get to participate in an actual 75-minute eMission through Wheeling Jesuit University. In this simulation, students are divided into four teams: Radiation, Life Support, Crisis Management and Communication. They receive 10 days of intense training in class that will give them the necessary background information and practice to have a successful mission. The simulation centers around a crew onboard the space station Alpha about to be replaced by a new incoming crew. Just as the new shuttle docks, a major solar storm erupts that prevents a simple transfer. Crew members are forced to ride out the storm, using the recommendations of the four teams in order to survive. Teams are streamed real-time data every five minutes that must be analyzed accurately in order to handle the stressful situation. If all teams work hard and work together, the mission will be a successful one.

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