KTI Directors

Eric Rosendale, Ed.D.


Can help with: Moodle, CPS, Instructional Design/Technology Integration, SmartBoard, video conferencing...
Special Interests: Swimming, Boating, Camping, Racquetball
Website: www.bviu.org

Online Handle(s): Skype - egrbviu
email: egr@bviu.org
Virtual Office: Dr. Rosendale's Virtual Office

Lori Ceremuga

Can help with: Moodle, Instructional Design/Technology Integration, Video Conferencing, Thinkfinity, Digital Media, Video Editing, Electronic Portfolios, Office...
Special Interests: Technology Integration, Boating, Yoga, Reading and relaxing at the beach
Website: www.bviu.org
Online Handle(s): Twitter--lbcbviu
Facebook: Do Not Use
email: lbc@bviu.org
Virtual Office: Lori Ceremuga's Virtual Office

2009 Staff

Mike Baker

MikeBaker.jpg Can help with: I feel comfortable helping with anything
Special Interests: FREE Tools, Connecting People, Online Learning, Collaboration and having a great time!
Website: Eduwiki.us : PAECT.org
Twitter: michaelbaker
Online Handle(s): eduwikius
Facebook: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
LinkedIn: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
email: mbaker@sssd.k12.pa.us
2009 Sessions Conducted: Better Learning Communities, Digital Media, Web 2.0 And Beyond, Widgets, It's Time for Show and Tell and Videoconferencing for Newbies

Jana Baxter

jana_photo.jpgCan help with: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, PowerPoint, Digital Media, netTrekker, Thinkfinity, Excel, Web 2.0, Digtial Camera / Camcorders, ...
Special Interests: Digital Media
Online Handle(s):
Facebook:Don't use
2009 Sessions Conducted:

Jim Beeghley


IT Policy Specialist, Pennsylvania Dept of Education Bureau of Educational Technology
PDE Project Lead, Keystone Technology Integrator Program

I can help with: Questions related to the Keystones Program
Website: Teaching the Civil War with Technology
Email: jbeeghley{at}state.pa.us
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fifer1863
Online Handle(s): Fifer1863

Traci Blazosky


Can help with: Glogster, Voicethread, Blabberize, Wikispaces, Blogs, Vuvox, Animoto, Bubbleshare, Photostory3, MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere Elements...
Special Interests: Collaborating, Socializing, and Learning new things
Website: Classroom * Professional
Online Handle(s): Twitter- Kti_traci
Facebook: Don't Use :P
LinkedIn: ktitraci@gmail.com
email: ktitraci@gmail.com
2009 Sessions Conducted: Improving Elementary Writing Through Art & Animation, Glogster, Copyright, Student Learning in STEM Subjects

Chris Champion

ChrisGeoCaching.jpgCan help with: Computer issues, Finding your way around, Twitter, Skype, Ning, Geocaching
Special Interests: Geocacher, Cyclist,
Website: http://sparksofhope.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chrischampion
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherchampion
email: chris@cchampion.net
2009 Sessions Conducted: Geocaching, Flip Video, Twitter/Ning/Wikis

Mike Cichocki

Mr.JPGCan help with: Anything and everything
Special Interests: Integrating Technology into Everyday Life
Website: http://www.cliu.org/cliu/site/default.asp
Online Handle(s): mscichocki
Facebook: mscichocki
email: cichockim@cliu.org
2009 Sessions Conducted:

Jessica Clay


Can help with: iMovie, podcasting, VoiceThread, web 2.0 tools, and a few other things
Special Interests: Technology integration, particularly at the elementary level
Facebook: Jess Clay
2009 Sessions Conducted:Digital Media, Digital Storytelling, Pod casting Across the Curriculum

Keith Cremer

keithcrop.jpgCan help with: Audacity, MovieMaker, United Streaming, Skype, Twitter, Jing, VoiceThread, BrainPop, MS Office, LogMeIn, Voki, PBWorks
Special Interests: Wii, Technology integration, Texas Hold'em, basketball reffing, wedding DJ'ing
Website: www.kcsound.com
Skype: mrkcdj
Blog: www.kcremer.blogspot.com
Wiki: www.room104science.pbworks.com
Twitter: kcremer
email: kcremer@mounties.k12.pa.us; mrkcdj@aol.com
2009 Sessions Conducted: Leading: Creating digital movies, eMission: Space Station Alpha;VoiceThread. Facilitating: Glogster, SIM, Podcasting

Mark Engle


Can help with: whatever you need, preferably Mac
Special Interests: Incorporating media into primary grade curriculums (Love the green screen!)
Website: web.me.com/mrengle
Skype: caver55

Online Handle(s):
Facebook: mengle55@gmail.com
email: mengle@gmsd.k12.pa.us
2009 Sessions Conducted: Have an Itch? Scratch it , The Interactive Primary Classroom , Improving Writing through Art and Animation , Google Me, Google Apps , Thinkfinity.com

Jason Heiser

Can help with: Anything PC. Can figure it out or find an answer on everything else..
Special Interests: I love Google Earth, Video, Audio, Moodle, and Differentiating Instruction.
Website: http://www.seal-pa.org/sahs/facpages/jheiser/index.html
Online Handle(s):
Facebook: N/A
LinkedIn: jtheiser
email: jheiser@seal-pa.org
2009 Sessions Conducted:Leading Extreme Google Earth, Moodle for the Masses, and Tech it up! Assisting with Blogs and wikis for Educators and Garageband for Anyone

Photo_68.jpgKristin Hokanson

Technology Integration Coach UMASD, PAECT Southeast Region Director, Faculty Affiliate Temple Media Lab
Can help with:
All that connects us via Web2.0: Skype, ustream, wikispaces, blogs (21classes, edublogs, blogger), diigo, coveritlive, voicthread, flickr, googleaps.....DiscoveryStreaming, nettrekker, digital storytelling
Special Interests: Creative Commons & Fair Use of Media in Education Wikispaces in Education, & Getting Folks Connected, Google Tools,
Skype: kristinhokanson
Online Handle: (diigo, flickr, twitter, plurk, pownce, wikispaces, slideshare, voicethread, glogster...) @khokanson
Second Life: Karra Constantine
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Kristin_Hokanson/516903269
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/khokanson
email: kristin.hokanson [at] gmail [dot] com
2009 Sessions Conducted/ Assisted: Google Me, Google Apps , Where's Waldo Geocaching, Flip Video, Science 2.0
If you contact me directly, I'll be glad to share my cell number

Stevie_100_150.jpg Stevie Kline

Can help with: Video conferencing, Visual learning and literacy, Discovery Streaming, NetTrekker, Thinkfinity, great educational websites, seeing where things fit!
Special Interests: Brain research and visual learning, video conferencing, dogs, birds, classic cars, and sporting clays
Website: www.iu1.org
Skype: stevie.kline
SecondLife: Koravette Quandary
Online Handle(s):
email: klines@iu1.k12.pa.us
2009 Sessions Conducted: Videoconferencing for Newbies - The What, Why, When, and How
Treasures of the National Archives Exploration: Learining with Primary Documents

Dianne Krause

diannenew.jpgInstructional Technology Specialist & CFF Coach - Wissahickon School District

I can help with: Wikis, Blogs, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Moodle, Comic Life, iLife, iWork, MS Office, World Language Integration, Web 2.0
Special Interests: Technology Professional Development, World Languages (French), Social Gaming (especially MUDs), Web 2.0, Ning
Website: http://diannekrause.com
Skype: dianne.krause
Twitter: diannekrause
Online Handle(s): diannekrause, soleil
Facebook: Dianne Krause
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/diannekrause
email: dkrause[at] wsd.k12.pa.us, diannekrause [at] gmail.com
2009 Sessions Conducted: Your Life with Comic Life, Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0, Using Ning as a School Social Network
If you contact me directly, I'll be glad to share my cell number.

Cathy Laguna

Laguna_pic.pngI Can help with: Wikis, Voice Threads, Web 2.0, Podcasting, Digital Cameras
Special Interests: Science, Movies, Differentiating Instruction
Website: Mrs. Laguna's Web Page
Skype: claguna10

Twitter: claguna
email: claguna@qcsd.org
2009 Sessions Conducted: Science 2.0, Differentiating Instruction Using Technology, Student Podcast Techniques

Portfolio_Pic.JPGBrandon Lutz

School District of Philadelphia Classroom for the Future Coach

Can help with: Web 2.0 tools, Differentiated Instruction, Choice Boards, Classroom Connections, Social Networking, Project Based Learning, and Gadgets
Special Interests: Web 2.0, Classroom Connections, Classrooms for the Future, Instructional Technology, Web-Based Tutorials
Website: www.blutz01.wikispaces.com
Skype: blutz01
Online Handle(s): Twitter (blutz01)
Facebook: blutz01
LinkedIn: blutz01
email: blutz01@gmail.com
2009 Sessions Conducted:
60 Web 2.0 Tools in 60 Minutes, Differentiating Instruction using Choice Boards

If you contact me directly, I'll be glad to share my cell phone number.

Amy Musone

Can help with: Web 2.0, Moodle, Smart Board, Project Based Learning, Integrating Technology Across Curriculum
Special Interests:
Website: http://www.cysd.k12.pa.us/education/staff/staff.php?sectionid=283
Online Handle(s):amusone
Email: amusone@gmail.com, amusone@cysd.k12.pa.us
2009 Sessions Conducted:

0.jpgLinda Nitsche

Gifted Support Teacher, Owen J. Roberts School District; Google Certified Teacher

Can help with: Collaborative Projects, Scratch, Google Apps, STEM Learning, Wikis, Blogs, Skype, Twitter, PLN's, Diigo, Ning, VoiceThread, Storytelling, MovieMaker, Podcasting, Audacity, Videoconferencing, Web 2.0
Special Interests: Collaborative Projects, Learning, Connecting, Sharing
Websites: Professional: Connecting Your Classroom to the World, Thinking Hub
Collaborative Project: Math Connections Classroom: Learning Hub
Online Handle(s): (diigo, flickr, twitter, plurk, wikispaces, slideshare, voicethread, glogster...) @lnitsche
Second Life: Lucinda Questi
Facebook: lvnitsche
email: lvnitsche@gmail.com
2009 Sessions Conducted / Assisted: Connecting Classrooms, Student Learning in STEM Subjects, NetTrekker in the Classroom, Comic Life, eMission: Space Station

AnnNoonen.jpgAnn Noonen

Director of Technology, Crawford Central School District

Can help with: Thinkfinity, netTrekker, Copyright questions, podcasts, Wikis, PowerPoint, videoconferencing, Twitter - just ask, if I can't answer your question, I'll put you in touch with someone who can!
Special Interests: Effective use of technology in the teaching and learning process
Skype: anoonen
Online Handle(s): @anoonen - Twitter, Wikispaces, Slideshare, Voicethread, Delicious
Facebook: anoonen
LinkedIn: anoonen
email: anoonen@craw.org or anoonen@mac.com
2009 Sessions Conducted/Assisted: Student Podcast Techniques, Thinkfinity,Copyright, PowerPoint: From Pointless to Powerful, Technology Principles for Principals

Rosie Parmigiani


Principal & Instructional Technology Coordinator, Snyder-Girotti School(PreK-grade 8); KTI "mom", Adjunct Professor Holy Family University.
Can help with: wiki, safe student blogging,Skype, Discovery Streaming, Handheld Technology, Gidets& Gadgets, Web 2.0 tools, Technology Integration
Special Interests: Keystone Technology Integrators are my heart; WIki's are my fun; teaching teachers is my relaxation.
Website: rosieparmigiani@tripod.com
Skype: rosieparmigiani
Twitter: rosieparm
Online Handle(s): Twitter-- rosieparm
email:rosieparmigiani [at] gmail.com or rparmigi[at]comcast.net

If you contact me directly, I'll be glad to share my cell number

2009 Sessions Conducted: Gidgets & Gadgets, Creating My First Virtual Field Trip

Hank Wajda

Music Educator, Robert K. Shafer Middle School, Bensalem School District, Bensalem, PA 19020

hankwajda_96.jpgCan help with: Garageband, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Audacity, MIDI, Keyboards, Sequencers, DAW and much, much more.
Special Interests: Recording software, Hauptwerk Organ Project, Online collaborations, Web 2.0 Tools
Website: http://www.bensalemsd.org/14502065143729973/site/default.asp
Skype: pianoman709
Memberships(s): Keystone Technology Integrators (KTI), MENC, PMEA, TI-ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators)
email: hwajda@bensalemsd.org
2009 Sessions Conducted/ Assisting: Garageband for Everyone, Broadcasting with the NewTek Tricaster, Polyvision, Extreme Google Earth, Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0

Dwight Woodley

Photo_36.jpgCan help with: iMovie, MovieMaker, iPhoto, iTunes, PowerPoint, Excel, Blogging, Wiki's, Discovery Streaming, Nettrekker, Technology Integration,
& Digital Cameras

Special Interests: Anything Apple (Computers), Basketball
Skype: dwight.woodley
Twitter: dwoodley
Online Handle(s):
email: dwoodley [at] mounties.k12.pa.us
2009 Sessions Conducted: Blogs and Wiki's for Educators; Using Digital Photography; KTI Principals Workshop
2009 Sessions Facilitating:** Bend, Break, and Bust it Loose; Moodle for the Masses;

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